Data Migration - FAQ

How do I import people, field data or group membership if it didn't come in with my data migration?
This is done through the Import People area. For instructions and a video tutorial, log into Community, click the "?" icon at the top right, and type "import" into the Help search box. See screen shot below: 


How do I import donations?
There is a tool built into Community for importing donations and a video tutorial on it here: Importing Donations.

You will be able to import donations as long as each record in your donation system/list/spreadsheet/.csv file matches the person in Community by either of two items: 1) Envelope Number or 2) Exact First and Last Name. You would do this after your final data migration. During your sandbox phase, you can practice this import before your final migration since all donations and people are deleted with each data migration run including the final run.

You will need to check to make sure First Names and Last Names match and that there are not two John Smiths for example. If you have a John Williams in CCB, but Johnny Williams in ACS, you would just need to change Johnny to John before exporting the giving records. If there are 2 John Smiths, you would need to change one to John Smith2 in both systems and then change the name back after the donation import in completed. If you miss a matching person/family, there is still an options to use the merge feature to merge the person with donations into the existing person record.

If you are not comfortable doing the import yourself, you can pay for Data Import Coaching. It costs $120 per hour and the time needed depends on your needs and the complexity of your data. If you just need someone to walk you through the steps, it could be one hour. If you need someone to actually do the import process for you or to update data for you, it may take more time.

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When do I loose access to my offline local copy of Deluxe Database?
Once we disable your activation key which is 2 months after your final data migration, you can work offline for 90 days. 

At 60 days you will get this warning: At 90 days you will get this notification:

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