Data Migration -  Review Instructions


  • Your final data migration will overwrite the data from interim runs (people, groups, etc.), so remember that making changes in Community is just "practice".
  • Please see our Data Migration Manual which describes export and import choices, details about what is purged and kept in future interim and final migrations. Please read it thoroughly and use it as reference tool as you review the data.
  • Since Private Prayer Requests and Private Notes may have been migrated, there is a Security Risk that you'll want to keep in mind and address asap before assigning Permissions. Please see Additional Details in the Data Migration Manual.
  • As you review, please make sure the information you expected to be migrated is all there and correctly placed in the fields where you would expect to find the information. Please send us the details of any data issues including the name of at least one person affected so the development team can address it. Please send the email reply to the Data Migration email thread so everything related to the data migration is in one thread to avoid confusion and so multiple people are notified.

Review areas:

  1. Start by looking at your own record and your staff's records since this information is the most familiar. Look at the View, Family and Giving tabs to verify the data was migrated accurately and completely.
  2. Review Groups by clicking on the Groups tab. Select various examples of the different types of groupings to confirm the total number of individuals in various groups which can be compared with the listings in Deluxe in Administration > Groups, Classes or Ministry teams. Also confirm individuals associated with your groups. Please note that ALL active individuals including ALL Involvement levels for ALL active Groups, Ministry Teams, and Classes were migrated.
    1. Status Groups can be confirmed by using the FCR 3101 People List in the Elexio Deluxe Database. On the Field Chooser tab, select all the fields that data (such as Status) should be converted into, then click Data Grid so you can see the information. You can also sort and filter using the headers by clicking the header or filtering by clicking on the funnel in the upper right hand corner of the header. You can also export the data into a spreadsheet which gives you additional filtering power and the ability to see many more columns. This will make for an easy comparison with the Status Groups in Elexio Community.
  3. The next step is to review Reports. Click the Reports tab then use the Membership, Attendance, and Giving tabs in Elexio Community to review reports. Here are a few suggestions for comparison. 
    1. Compare the Elexio Deluxe Contribution Detail FCR3301 with Elexio Community > Reports > Giving > By Individual. Click the Gear in upper right of the tab to filter. Run reports based upon last quarter, year to date (subtracting 2 weeks for accuracy depending upon when the data was pulled from the Elexio Deluxe database), then for each of the last few full years. Using last week and this week may be difficult as it will not include all of the data for the week due to when the data was exported and/or may not include additional online giving.
    2. Also verify that contributions totals and certain funds match.
    3. Compare the Elexio Deluxe Contribution Statements (R1300) with Individuals' Giving tab in Elexio Community to confirm dates, amounts, fund names, etc. Or you can run giving statements for the same time period in Elexio Community and save them as a PDF. 

Taking the time to do a thorough review now is a great investment to avoid major data clean up issues later.