ELEXIO Community

We provide built-in Integration with the following 3rd party software providers:


To set these Integrations up in your database, click on Settings > More > Services


Internal Texting

Roll all your communication tools up into Community using Mass Communication. No more separate solutions for email messaging, text messages or multiple voicemails. Now, you can manage all your engagement and information messaging right from your ChMS. See the following artilcle for details: Set up information



Syncing mailing lists: Set up information 


Protect My Ministry

By performing routine background checks on your volunteers and employees, your ministry limits risk, exercises due diligence, and protects people and resources.

The integrated background service is with a trusted background screening company, Protect My Ministry. The packages and services are designed specifically for faith-based organizations. Simply establish an account (Elexio PMM Account Request Form) and request employee and volunteer background checks directly from within Elexio Community. Visit protectmyministry.com for more information.

After you establish an account, configure your settings and setup security which are both covered in the below Setup PDF on pages 18-21.

Setup and Using Background Checks PDF


Planning Center Online

Keep your email addresses in sync. Set up information

  • It syncs the records if all three of these fields match: first name, last name, and email.
  • It will sync the email address only.
  • If a person’s email address is changed in Community, it will automatically be changed in PCO as well. (It may take up to 15 minutes)
  • It is a one-way sync from Community to PCO. Not the other way around.