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  1. Fill in your information by going signing into community and going to Settings -> More -> Services.



Credit Usage

 1 Credit - Voice Messages (per recipient)
0.5 Credits - SMS Text Message (per recipient)



Elexio Bundle Clients

  • Bundle Clients get 500 Credits per month
  • 60 Days Free
  • $0.05 Per Credit


Elexio Non-Bundle Clients

  • No Credit Allotment
  • 60 Days Free
  • $0.05 Per Credit



Sending "Morning Services are cancelled" via text to 36 recipients uses 18 credits.

Sending an audio message about why the morning services are cancelled to 36 recipients uses 36 credits.


Sending a message via text asking 4 people to reply with feedback when all 4 people reply uses 4 credits. This uses 2 credits to send and 2 to process replies as emails to the original sender.