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Import Member Data

This allows for the importing of members into the system. You can also update member information this way. If you are importing a member and the first and last names match a member in the system, that person will be updated with the new information. You can import as much or as little information as you have on someone. You can also use this feature for adding a list of people to a group. 

The type of file needed for the import is a Comma Separated Value file (CSV). Many spreadsheet and contact manger applications will export/Save-As to this format. For instance, in Microsoft Excel, Go to "Save As", and choose "Comma Separated Value (.csv)". If the file won't import properly, you may need to save the csv in a specific format called csv Unicode UTF-8. To do this in Excel, choose Save As, select .csv as the save as type, click Web Options > Encoding > Unicode (UTF-8). 

Sample file here

    1. Select the file by clicking, "Browse".
    2. Enter the Column header names from your spreadsheet. If you do not have a column that is asked for, or, if you wish not to import that information, leave it blank. This is case sensitive and must match exactly.
    3. If you wish to place the soon-to-be-imported members into any groups, select those too. To select multiples, hold the CTRL key (WIndows) or Command key (OS X) and click the group names.
    4. Click, "Submit", at the bottom.
    5. You will now be shown a screen to confirm your import/update. If the member already exists, he/she will have a green check mark, and any changes to their information will be shown in bold. Example: "Address: 123 High Drive -> 456 Low Road". This shows the old information on the left, and the new on the right.


  1. If you are satisfied with the purposed changes, click, "Yes", at the top.  If not, revise the data in your original spreadsheet/contact manager and re-import.


Export Data

From here you can export a CSV file of the membership information for all of the people in the system. This can easily be opened in Excel or other spreadsheet/database programs.

Input Giving

This allows for the batch inputting of giving information.

  1. Enter the expected total in the "Batch Total" box. This will be used to check your inputting of individual records below.
  2. In the member box, start typing a name, and then choose from the suggestions.
  3. Hit the "Tab" key. Select the giving, "Category".
  4. Hit the "Tab" key. Enter an amount without a dollar sign.
  5. Once you run out of fields, you can hit the tab key to select "Add five more lines". Then hit, "Enter".
  6. Repeat until you are done; then, click, "Save".
Import Giving

You can import giving from a CSV file. This makes it much easier to transfer in giving from online giving services like.

    1. To get started importing giving, go to Utilities > Import Giving. Note: you must have the "input batch giving" permission to use this tool.
    2. Choose your comma separated value (CSV) file, and enter the column headers for each of the required columns. Click, "Next".
    3. Review the proposed import:


      • We attempt to match the first and last name given to names in the system. However, if we can't you will need to use the search box to choose an existing person, or choose the "Anonymous" person. Once you fix one name, if there are other entries with that same name, you'll be given the option to automatically update all of them.
      • We also try to match the giving category in the import with the ones you already have in the system. However, if there isn't a match, you will need to manually choose, and, once again, you'll be given the option to update all.
      • If the date isn't in a format we can understand, you'll be asked to enter one.


  1. Once you've satisfied with the proposed import, click "Save".
  2. You're done!

The import will correctly group entries for people who have chosen to have their giving grouped under their primary family member.