ELEXIO Community

Search is your gateway and interface to all of your data. It allows you to quickly find the information you need when you need it. Knowing the options you have while searching will greatly increase the power and efficiency of your searches.

NOTE: Search from anywhere in your Elexio Community dashboard by simply hitting the "S" key and then start typing.

Searching For People

All words put in the search box can be partial words. For instance, typing "jo" will match words containing "jo". Like: Joe, John, etc. You can type multiple words and your results will include people who match any of those words. Your search terms are searching across all membership information: Name, Address, City, State, Zipcode Phone Numbers, Emails, and Rfid Tag. The results you get back will include a column showing which pieces of information were matched. Suppose you are looking for a member with the following information: Jane Sway; 32 Milky Way Dr. Searching for "way 32" would return her name.



To search by group, or any other advanced parameter select the button labeled "Advanced" just below and to the right of the general search bar.  Once in Advanced Search scroll to the bottom and you will see the ability to search for people in a group or not in a group.