ELEXIO Community

For Elexio Community ChMS

Mozilla Firefox - Version > 3.0
Apple's Safari - Version > 4.0
Google Chrome
Microsoft's Internet Explorer > 8
Live internet connection.

Note: Check-In software will NOT work with Chrome OS computers


Connecting Online

  • Minimum  
    Cable or Fiber Optic
    16 Mbps Download / 3 Mbps Upload
  • Adequate
    Cable or Fiber Optic 
    25 Mbps Download / 10 Mbps Upload
  • Excellent
    Fiber Optic
    100 Mbps Download / 50 Mbps Upload


For Check-In Printers

*The iOS check-in app uses Apple AirPrint which can only access the wireless or Bluetooth printers listed below. 

Dymo LabelWriter 450
(Discontinued) Brother QI-710
(Discontinued) Brother QL-710W (wireless only)
(Discontinued) Brother QL-720NW (ethernet & wireless)

Brother QL-810W
Brother QL-820NWB (ethernet, wireless & Bluetooth) (800 series printers currently work using the QL-700 series settings, but they are not yet officially supported) (Bluetooth not available at this time.)
Citizen CMP-30LBTIU (Bluetooth)
GoDex DT4 / DT4x

We recommend one of the wireless Brother printers, since they can be used with the iOS Check-in app and web-based check-in. You will need the continuous length label roll (item number DK-2205).


Suggested Labels:

Dymo 30857 (2.25 in x 4 in).
Brother 2205 (2.4 in x 100 ft role)
GoDex DT4/DT4x (4 x 3 in or 3 x 2 in labels)

(NOTE: any labels should be roughly 2.25 in wide by 4 in length) 

Use the offsets found at Settings > Check-In > Check-In Mode to align labels as needed.


For Check Readers

Any Canon CR Scanner: Canon's Website


For RFID Attendance Taking

Ministry Brands RFID Scanner

Old Check-In Printers:

Brother QI-570 (discontinued)