ELEXIO Community

For Elexio Community ChMS

  • Live internet connection and browser
  • Google Chrome (recommended browser)
  • Mozilla Firefox - Version > 3.0
  • Apple's Safari - Version > 4.0
  • Microsoft's Internet Explorer > 8

Note: Check-In software will NOT work with Chrome OS computers.


For iOS Elexio Community Check-In App

  • iPad that supports/runs the latest 2 iOS versions. Many older iPads work just fine, but we can't guarantee that new updates to our app will run on any iOS version older than the most recent 2 versions. See a chart here for which models support which versions. 
  • We recommend getting a stand/case that covers the iPad home button so people don't accidentally or on-purpose exit the Check-in App. We don't have a list of preferred vendors or models.  


For Check-In Printers

*The iOS check-in app uses Apple AirPrint which can only access the wireless or Bluetooth printers listed below. 

  • Dymo LabelWriter 450
  • (Discontinued) Brother QI-570
  • (Discontinued) Brother QI-710
  • (Discontinued) Brother QL-710W (wireless only)
  • (Discontinued) Brother QL-720NW (ethernet & wireless)
  • Brother QL-810W
  • Brother QL-820NWB (ethernet, wireless & Bluetooth)
    • 800 series printers currently work by choosing the QL-700 series in the settings, but they are not yet officially supported
    • However, they do not work using Bluetooth with our software at this time.
    • Auto-cut feature reduces paper jams
  • Citizen CMP-30LBTIU (Bluetooth)
    • The only current option for Bluetooth printing with the iOS Check-in app
    • Can be continuously plugged in or unplugged using the rechargeable battery, so they are the most portable option, but also expensive
    • No auto-cutter
  • GoDex DT4 / DT4x

We recommend one of the wireless Brother printers, since they can be used with the iOS Check-in app and web-based check-in. You will need the continuous length label roll (item number DK-2205). We do not sell printers or label rolls so you will need to purchase them locally or online.


Suggested Labels:

Dymo 30857 (2 1/4 x 4 labels)
Brother 2205 (2.4 in x 100 ft role)
GoDex DT4/DT4x  (4x3 labels or 3x2 labels) (Not 2.25 x 3 portrait style)

(NOTE: any labels should be roughly 2.25 in wide by 4 in length) 

Use the offsets found at Settings > Check-In > under each station to align labels as needed.

For Barcode Scanners and Barcode Cards

Almost all high quality barcode scanners that connect to your computer will work with Check-in. Cheap ones don't scan as consistently and can have compatibility issues, but may work. To read barcodes saved on mobile phones, simple laser barcode scanners won't work. You need an Optical (CMOS/CCD) based scanner also known as Linear Imager barcode scanner. 2D (2 dimensional) is not necessary, but will work and may even work better because it can read the barcode in either direction.

One model that has been tested to be effective (including reading barcodes saved on cell phones) is the Honeywell 1400g.

Card printing vendors that have been recommended by our churches:
BarcodeKeyTags.com | plasticprinters.com

For Check Readers

Any Canon CR Scanner: Canon's Website

For RFID Attendance Taking

Ministry Brands RFID Scanner