Looking to get started?

Here's an outline of the process:

  1. Once you sign up for an account on the  Activation Form you will receive an email including your log-in credentials to be used to log in and administrate the Elexio Giving Site.
  2. When you log-in, you will be prompted to submit your pre-application including your documentation. (see below)
  3. Finally you will work with your integration specialist to finalize your application. Once finalized, you will be prompted to sign and return the application. Once approved you will be notified and you're all set.



Here's what we will be asking for during launch.




Non Profit Documentation

Typically this is your 501c3 or 508c1a documentation. Some folks have different forms of non-profit documentation, but it will be important to have something officially recognizing your non-profit status.


Account Signer Information

The account signer is the individual that we reference as the central account contact. This individual is used for risk analysis.
For this individual we will need the Social Security Number as well as copy of their driver's license. For your security, please wait to provide these until requested by the integration team.
Why do you need an account signer and is that person liable?


Physical address

The physical address of where the church meets is also used for risk analysis and is required information. This does not necessarily need to be a permanent address of the church, if you are meeting in a school or cafe or anywhere else temporary please use that address.


Voided Check

This is used to determine the deposit account for your donations. Please ensure that both the Account Number and Routing number are legible.
Just got your bank account started and only have starter checks? Please provide official documentation from your bank on their letterhead including your name, address, and both Account and Routing number.


Signed Application

Once all of the pre application is completed, the completed application is returned to you to be signed prior to submission for approval.



More Questions?

Check out the Setup FAQ