Giving and Community Integration



Link your Community ChMS account with your ELEXIO Giving account.

*If you are migrating from Elexio Deluxe, only do these steps after your final data migration from Elexio Deluxe to Elexio Community. 

Step 1. Log into your giving control panel.



Step 2. Click the Organization drop down menu at the top right.

  • Click ChMS Integration.  
  • Enter your church sub-domain and click Save Settings. (Your church sub-domain is the name before .elexiochms.com. For example, you would enter gracechurch if your Community URL is gracechurch.elexiochms.com.) 


Step 3. Map at least one of your funds, but you will want to map all the funds that you are going to make available for Online Giving. You don't need to add funds into the Giving list that will not be used for Online Giving. You will match each Giving fund to the corresponding Community fund. Usually the exact same name. You also need to set one fund as default - usually the General Fund.

How are donors matched to my database when they use online giving?

When you link your ELEXIO Community database with our giving tools, the system will work to automatically match gifts with the proper donor. This eliminates the need for you to manually reconcile gifts, or do any file-based export/imports.

When a donor completes a transaction online:

  • If the donor already has the Elexio Community person ID on file, it creates a contribution receipt within Elexio Community for that person.

  • If the donor doesn’t have an Elexio Community person ID on file, then it searches Elexio Community for the person based on e-mail address and first and last name.

    • If a match is found, then it links them and creates a contribution receipt for the matched person in Elexio Community each time.

    • If a match isn’t found, it creates a new person in Elexio Community and then creates a contribution receipt.

    • It then updates the donor record in the giving system to have the new Elexio Community person ID (in the Giving envelope number field) so it won’t have to look for a match for this same donor in the future.

If the system creates a new duplicate person in Elexio Community:

  1. We suggest you merge this new duplicate person into the already existing person using Utilities > Merge Individuals. This will move the donation(s) and possibly the new email address if it was different from what was already in Elexio Community.
  2. Then look at the web address URL of the still existing person to see the person's ID number at the far right of the text (Example URL: ...elexiochms.com/members/view/2160)
  3. Enter this number into Elexio Giving for that person so that all future donations will be matched. Here's how: find the donor record in the Donors section, then click the action to edit their profile. Place the ID number (2160 in this example) into their Envelope Number field.  *If you don't see the envelope number field, email support and ask them to "Enable Giving and Community linking by enabling envelope numbers in Giving." 

It is a little extra work, but the bonus is that you now have a valid email address for the person since they just entered it into Elexio Giving when setting up their account!