Higher Giving Migration...

...to Elexio Giving

Summary and Vision:

Want to prevent your giving taking a dip like? Migrating from Higher Giving to Elexio Giving will help you avoid switching to another system that would require your givers to set up new giving schedules and new accounts with payment methods for periodic donations. The migration includes usernames & passwords, saved payment methods and recurring giving schedules from Higher Giving to Elexio Giving for everyone who has given within the last 2 years. Elexio Giving includes a robust forms tool that can be used to accept payments for events or to gather form data of any kind. There are also integrated products like an online church management system and a mobile app with a media center and online giving.


Process Overview
Process Details (Incl. Pre-Migration and Post-Migration task lists)

Additional details



  • The migration is run by the Elexio Data Migration Team after you have completed a few pre-migration steps. It must be scheduled 5 business days ahead of time.
  • It includes:
     1) Usernames and Passwords
     2) Saved Payment Methods (We highly recommend creating an Elexio Giving Form to use as your Online Giving "Portal." The reason is that you don't want givers to have to re-enter their payment methods. The stand-alone Giving Portal currently requires donors to re-enter card info one time for the "give now" function and for setting up new recurring schedules.) 
     3) Recurring Giving Schedules
  • It does NOT include: any of the Higher Giving transaction history. Elexio Giving only tracks donations that processed through it. Other transactions cannot be added manually or otherwise. 
  • For who? It is more than just the scheduled givers. It migrates everyone who has given in the last 2 years.
  • Why is this a big deal? Users will not have to re-create an account or re-enter their recurring giving schedules.
    • Their Accounts (username and password) will be ready for them to login through Elexio Giving. They do not have to re-create accounts.
    • Their giving schedules will be live and active in Elexio Giving. They will keep triggering on the exact same schedule, whether one-time, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.
    • Their saved payment methods (card #'s and or bank #’s) will be there (in Elexio Giving) and are available for one-time giving, new scheduled giving, form payments and mobile app giving. Again, you will need to create an Elexio Giving Form to use as your Online Giving "Portal" so givers won't have to re-enter their #'s. 
  • You will just change the link on your website to point to Elexio Giving instead of Higher Giving and add some text that says something like, "Our online giving provider upgraded their system on 9/12/18. The pages may look different, but you will use the same email address and password to log in." 
  • The schedules will be deleted from Higher Giving during this process so people are not double charged. Your Higher Giving account will be closed as well. 
  • The migration includes email address (username) and password as well as their address, phone number, and their saved payment methods. Most churches have as many or more people who give online manually/periodically as they do people who give online with recurring schedules. 
  • After the migration, we will turn off the Higher Giving system. This means you and your givers will no longer be able to log into Higher Giving. You will have a report that we email you of all the giving transactions for the current year for reference. Most churches have these recorded in their contribution management system already. If the migration is completed between January 1 and April 31, the report will include all the contributions from the prior year. 

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Process Overview

  • You schedule it with the Data Migration Team at least 5 business days ahead of your target date
  • You complete the Pre-migration tasks 1 through 4 below, such as setting up your Elexio Giving account and funds
  • Notify us that you have completed these steps and are ready for the Data Migration of Online Givers
  • We run the Data Migration of Online Givers on the scheduled date between 9:00 AM and noon Eastern Time
  • We notify you when it is complete and email you a spreadsheet with the details of who and what was migrated
  • You review it, test logging in as a donor, and notify us of your sign-off
  • We turn off your Higher Giving account
  • You complete your post-migration tasks listed below

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Process Details


Your required tasks:

❑ As soon as you know your target date for the migration, email the Data Migration Team or Support Team at least 5 business days ahead of time to get it on schedule

❑ 1. Make sure your Elexio Giving account has been fully activated (this means you can log in and no longer see the set up steps message - see example screenshot here). You should have received an email with your Elexio Giving account username and password and next steps for uploading a cancelled check, 403b non-profit documentation, etc. It typically takes 2 to 4 days for your account to get verified and set up. There are multiple steps, so keep checking your email throughout the process.

❑ 2. Add fund names into Elexio Giving. Only add those that are being used for online giving schedules or that you want people to use for online giving.

You don't need to add fund names that are inactive or that are just used internally by your finance team. The fund names have to match exactly (including spacing and capitalization) in both Higher Giving and Elexio Giving. Copy and paste the fund names from Higher Giving (Setup Designations tab) to Elexio Giving (Organization > Fund Management).

Elexio Giving starts you off with a default fund named General Budget. This fund name should be edited to match your default fund name such as General Fund or Tithes.

Higher Giving funds should match a parent fund, not a sub-fund in Elexio Giving if you are going to use our optional integrated church management system. If not, sub-funds can be used.

If you are changing the fund name that you want displayed in the new Elexio Giving system, you will need to change the fund name for every schedule in Elexio Giving right after the migration. Fund names can be changed in Higher Giving and Elexio Giving, but that change does not replicate to the giving schedules, so you would have to manually change every one of them. The migration will only match (or create) fund names that have active giving schedules. It will not migrate any of your fund names that are not being used for schedules. 

Certain characters are not allowed in Elexio Giving fund names. They are pipes and parenthesis – “|” and “()”. If you have these characters in your Higher Giving fund names that are used for online giving schedules, change them in Higher Giving and Elexio Giving before your Migration. If you do not change them, the migration changes pipes, "(" and ")" to "_".  

❑ 3. Run a Higher Giving report of all your Scheduled Givers so you can review it now and so you can compare it to the schedules that are migrated into Elexio Giving later. Go to My Products > Higher Giving > Pending Transactions, then print the list or copy and paste the list for the current month and for the next month into Word, Excel, etc. and save the file. 

❑ 4. Highly recommended, but not required... Create a Giving Form in Elexio Giving so people will have access to their saved payment methods the very first time they log in.

Instructions: Click on Forms on the left menu, click Create New Form, click on Give Now, change the Form Name to [Church Name] Online Giving, click on Build Form, add additional instructions to the Form Description section in Form Properties, click the gear icon next to the fund drop down field, click on Fund Items and select which funds you want to make available online. Edit other areas as desired, then Save and Publish the form. Your attenders won't see it until you change the link on your website to point to it. There are 2 forms videos in the Giving Videos list here.  

❑ 5. Notify the Data Migration team that you have completed all the tasks and are ready for the Higher Giving Migration to be run on the confirmed date you've already scheduled with them.

Optional Step: If you are integrating Elexio Giving with Elexio Community ChMS, these next steps are usually done the day before the scheduled Higher Giving migration.

❑ A. Set up Giving/Community Integration in Elexio Giving by going to Organization > ChMS Integration (Integration instructions). Basically, enter the first section of your Community URL, then click the Save Church Code button, then click Yes next to Clear Donor Envelopes When Enabling, click "Yes" to merge forms, then click Enable Elexio Community Integration.

❑ B. On the integration page of Giving, map/link each fund that you will be using for online giving to the corresponding fund name in the Community list.

❑ 1. Go to Elexio Giving > Organization > ChMS Integration. Click on the button that says, "Refresh Elexio Community Fund List to make sure it is the most current list.

❑ 2. For each Elexio Giving fund...

- Choose it from the Giving System Fund drop down list.

- Choose the same fund in the Elexio Community Fund drop down list.

- Choose yes in the Default Fund drop down list for your default fund (usually the General Fund) and choose no in the Default Fund drop down list for all other non-default funds.

 - When finished there will be a list of all the Elexio Giving funds under the Fund Mappings heading on this page. 

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  • You notify us that you have completed the above steps and are ready for the migration on the scheduled date.
  • We will run the Migration.
  • We will notify you when it is complete and email you a spreadsheet with the names and emails of all who were migrated. It also identifies people with recurring giving schedules.  

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Your required tasks:

❑ 1. Review the data in Elexio Giving. Make sure the Schedules are listed in Reports > Auto Donations and have the correct fund names (see screen shots here). 

❑ 2. Test logging into Elexio Giving with your account and ask someone on staff who uses online giving to login as well. Admins can log into two different places. To do Admin tasks you will log into elexiogiving.com. To do actual giving or form payments, you will log into the giving form. 

❑ 3. Notify us of the results and your sign-off.

❑ 4. When ready, change your public website online giving link(s) to point to Elexio Giving instead of Higher Giving. Also communicate the new text to give number if you are using this method. To get the link in Elexio Giving, click on the Online Giving Form that you created, then Form Properties, then copy either the embed code or the direct link. We don't recommend the following, but if you decide to use the built-in portal, click on Organization in the upper right, then Settings, then Important Links and click View Integration Code. To set up text to give, go to Elexio Giving > Organization > Text Giving. You will choose your 10-digit text to give number from a list of available numbers in your area code.

❑ 5. Communicate with the different types of donors according to their needs - Scheduled Givers; Other Existing Givers; and also potential new givers. This could be as simple as some text on the web page or an email saying the system has changed and will look different, but functions in a similar way.

❑ 6. Check for duplicate donor names in Elexio Giving. The migration checks for duplicates and tries to match schedules and saved payment methods with pre-existing accounts in Elexio Giving, but sometimes it creates a duplicate donor. Some reasons include if the existing donor does not have an email address or if the Elexio Giving account was created for a person before the Higher Giving migration was run. If you find duplicates, you can merge them carefully using the Merge feature. Go to Elexio Giving > Donors > Merge (the Merge button is at the top of the screen). Records need an email address to be merged. If a record doesn't have an email address, add a temporary one like placeholder@example.com

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Additional details:

  • Who and what is migrated?
    • If a person has multiple saved payment methods, it will migrate only their saved payment methods that are not expired.
    • It does not migrate "all" Higher Giving accounts into Giving - only the accounts/users who have given in the past 2 years.
    • It does not migrate the giving history/transactions of the donors into Elexio Giving. Elexio Giving will allow donors with accounts to see only their online donations that are processed through Elexio Giving (future, not past). 
    • The address field is limited to 52 characters. Any addresses longer than that will be truncated.  
    • To "split" a contribution schedule into multiple funds, Elexio Giving requires the donor to create a separate schedule for each fund. 
  • Frequency details:
    • One-time giving schedules migrate as Weekly frequency with a Start Date and an Installment of "1".
    • If someone has 2 monthly donation schedules or more, they will all be created individually in Giving, not as a twice a month schedule.
  • Checking for duplicates:
    • The migration checks to see if there is already an account set up in Giving with the same email address as Higher Giving and if so, it does not migrate in the password from Higher Giving because it assumes the user wants to use the newer one from Giving. It will then check for payment methods to bring over and if the same method is already in Giving, it will not duplicate it.
  • Users who don’t remember their password can use the "Forgot Password?" link to reset it.
  • Make sure the fund names in Giving are accurate before having lots of people create new schedules. Changing fund names in Giving will not change the fund name in people’s giving schedules. You would have to change the fund in each schedule one at a time if needed. If you do make a change and don’t update schedules, they will still be processed, but it will be marked to the original fund name the schedule is set up with.

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What time of day are giving schedules processed?
The schedules will be processed in the morning as early as 3:00 AM when the servers start processing schedules. On busy days like the first of the month, to get through all our churches, it may take all morning. Since the migrations are run between 8:00 AM and noon Eastern Time (after 3:00 AM), the first day's scheduled giving is usually processed on the next day. Sometimes they make it into that first day's run, but usually not. 

Why are some donors not showing up in the Virtual Terminal section?

If you are not seeing the Virtual Terminal in your Organization menu, you need to switch to the $49 plan and ask support to turn it on. In order to show in the Virtual Terminal listing of donors, the donors must 1) have previous transactions and 2) have an email address on their profile (they do not necessarily need to have a last login date).

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