Elexio Essentials Giving now offers Text Giving to all of our churches & organizations.


Here is how it works:

  1. Your organization will be assigned its own unique 10 digit mobile number with your local area code. This number is not shared across our accounts, it is your number.
  2. The only payment method for text giving is a card. It can be credit or debit. ACH is not an option. 
  3. Donors will text an amount to that number such as, "20".
    1. It will go toward the fund you have listed as the default fund in Elexio Giving.
    2. If you enable multiple funds in Elexio Giving, donors can type the name of the fund after the amount such as, "100 building fund". To get a list of fund names they can text, "funds" and receive a list such as,

      List of funds:
      1. General Fund
      2. Missions
      3. Building Fund

  4. The first time a donor texts a donation, they will be prompted with a one-time registration link that takes them to a web page to put in their name, address, email, and card info.
    1. This will create a record in Elexio Giving for them and save their payment method for future texts.
  5. All subsequent donations will simply be texting the amount to your number (which can be saved for easy access in their phone's contact list).
  6. Donors will get a text confirmation that their donation was successful.
  7. Donors who text donations and donate online (or through the mobile web interface) will have all of their online giving history tied to their Giving account. If you have Elexio Community, the donations will be copied into their account in Community as well.
  8. Text donations are NOT settled by their cellular service carrier. Text donations are processed and settled by your existing Elexio Giving account. These transactions will settle in the same manner and speed as your online donations.
  9. If a donor texts a word like "help", they will receive a text back with instructions such as, "To give enter the amount you want to give, such as 100. You can also give to a specific fund by typing it after your amount, such as 100 building fund."
  10. If they text an amount and a fund name that doesn't match any of your funds, they will get instructions to text the number of one of the funds in the list. 

    Fund not found.  Select one by number below.
    1. General Fund
    2. Missions
    3. Building Fund

Text Giving Fees:

  • Same transaction fees apply as any other giving method.


Updating Text/SMS Donor Profile

Once a donor becomes a Text Giving donor, they have a Text Giving profile that matches their device to a card which is stored for future use.  If a donor needs to update their card used for Text Giving, you can reset that Text Giving profile in the Control Panel on the donor's User Detail screen. 

All donors who are Text donors will have their phone number and text profile displayed on their User Detail screen in the Control Panel. There is a link to reset their Text Profile, and the donor can then assign a new card to their text profile. 

Donors can also reset their text giving settings (the payment method they use) by texting the word "reset". This will remove any saved payment information, and allow them to set up a new payment method. They will see the following message:

"Saved card information successfully removed. Please register your card information again when making your next gift by texting an amount to this number."